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What are the important things you need to know about the game?

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Written by Darren

The Gourd-Crab-Shrimp-Fish game also has a short word: “Gourd Crab”. This game is the Southeast Asian version of the Crown and Anchor game. It has 4 symbols: crab, gourd, shrimp, and fish. The shrimp has been changed to the tiger in another game. It is a well-known folk game in Vietnam during the Tet holidays. And on the Lunar New Year, you will see a lot of people playing this kind of game. But below are more explanations on where this game originates, where it gets its name, and how it is played.

Gourd Crab

There are a lot of disagreements about the name of the game. Most people called this as น้ำเต้าปูปลา -Tiger because of Vietnamese rhymes and pronunciation. The tiger comes from the people who called it the Pile which means deer. It is because the Gourd Crab in Thailand has a tiger in it.

Its origin

The game first appeared in China and after which it was spread all through Asian countries. The game is known as Hoo Hey How. When it is translated from the Sino-Vietnamese it stands for Ngu Ha Giai which means Fish Shrimp Crab.

How does it work?

Select a symbol

The Hoo Hey How stands for fish-prawn-crab online. But actually, they have six symbols that you can choose from. It’s crab, fish, shrimp, gourd, rooster, and tiger. They have all the same chances.

Pick your bet

The more you are using money on the game the more chances of winning. But there is no assurance when you are playing at online casinos. You will choose which suits you very well and don’t use your bankroll too much as this will affect it.

Triple Up

You can bet on the symbols and when you are feeling lucky during the game you can use the “triple”. It gives you 30/1 when it lands on your symbol. It takes 3 dice to land on your symbol to win the game. For example, you bet on the fish, and to win the game all the 3 dice must land on the fish symbol. That is how the “triple” works.

Roll up the dice

After you place your bets you can start the game. You need to roll the dice and hope it will land on your symbol to win the game. Which is pretty fun to play and exciting at the same time.

Playing Free Online Slot Games

What are the tips for playing the game?

After you know all the basic rules of the game online you are curious about how to get the edge on the house. The game is very simple to play and most games in the casinos that are easy to play do not have strategies. But there are things that you need to avoid when you are playing this game. 

Ignore the triple up

It is indeed tempting but doesn’t bet on the triple. If you are lucky enough that all the 3 dice landed on the symbol you bet that is good. But the chances are minimal you can only stick to the basics.

Know your chances and the house edge

The house edge is 8% and you will be paid equal once you hit a single symbol and so on. You need to keep this so you know how to assess your winnings.

When to walk away?

Once you win a big amount either that was from the lucky triple bet or a solid run. You need to end the game and cash out your winnings.

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